Saturday , 16 June 2018
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The Biggest 3 Races on the Australian Horse Racing Calendar

Every year the horse racing calendar is seen featuring certain days which one anticipates. This can call for a historic race building up tension and curiosity amongst the audience; it can also be a formal race where only owners and trainers are interested; sometimes, these races only calls for a day of celebration and nothing else.

Here are the top three races on the Australian Horse Racing Calendar:

  1. S Cox Plate (WFA, 2040m, Moonee Valley)

This is a 2040m run over race opened to almost each type of pure-bred, accepting the best of the lot. It is kind of a stepping stone towards the Melbourne Cup for all those middle distance racing horses and milers. This race actually consecrates the best of the horses in Australasia. It also marks the positions of the best competitor horse so as to conquer the racing calendar. The field being restricted to 14, the race is really difficult to make an entry. Since the number constrained to 14 best horses of New Zealand and Australia there prevails a rough competition to thrive for immortality.

This race takes place at the track of the Moonee Valley, being one of the toughest courses for racing in Australia. The substandard horses have to struggle hard so as to adjust to the rigid bend but are mostly found getting shuffled on the track. There remains a very short span of time for jockeys to travel the mounts hooked on the race. Racing on Moonee Valley is kind of aexamination of a horse rider’s talent and skills. Often jockeys lose this race while weaving through the track and naturally shifting oneself along the outline of the track. After the horses revert to their balance and the jockeys having covered 173m, whatever is present in the horse covering a distance of 1800m is supposed to be exerted right away for the final race to the post.

By this, the elder horses get fatigued having carried about 60kgs on their backs whereas, the younger ones want nothing but going to bed so as to take rest. It is strenuous for the younger horses to ride with such heavy weighted people on their back, but they finally realize after taking rest forsome time that there lays nothing and it’s time to gather them instantly.

  1. Melbourne Cup (handicap, 3200m, Flemington)

The Melbourne Cup is ayearly tradition for the people thriving in Melbourne which tends to refrain people from all their doings and only get concerned about the horse competing for nearly about three minutes. Thus, it is considered as one of those races that have the power to impede the nation. This race tests stamina and is one of the prosperous flat race stretching more than 2 miles in the world. The Melbourne Cup is supposed to draw theattention of global celebrities and the international horses to Flemington. No other sporting occasion in the world pertains this much impact on a single city like the Melbourne Cup. The reward of $6.2 million is righteously deserved by the winner making it a grand event calling up for celebration. Since this is a race for the handicapped horses, it cannot be listed on top. Horses are made to carry altering weight, being handicapped.

This race can be termed as the race for jockeys, owners, trainers and punters. This race is actually not about the best horse as the best of the handicapped horses are made to carry more weight than the substandard horses which hardly make them win the race.

  1. Caulfield Guineas (3yo set weights, 1600m, Caulfield)

Winning the Guineas race is much ofhonor for all those stallions making them successful colts. Not only the winners of this race marks a position for themselves for future lookouts on Australia’s biggest races but also the participating stallions are able to make up their placing in the world of horse racing. This race is meant for younger horses like that of three-year-olds. The different development and growth changes make these young horses that succeeded during autumn meet the three-year-old horses in spring by a throng of testosterone. Due to immense competition, the two-year-olds do not always become good three years old. Since this race is for the younger horses, the trainers and owners are not much concerned about the winning prize money as they are more focusedon the stallion’s career, whether they are worth it or not.

Therefore, Australian Horse Racing is nothing but a platform of grand celebration uniting people from different parts of the country. It includes best of the horses, be it matured, handicapped or younger stallions, thereby creating no distinction between the horses and calls for a fair play every time.