Wednesday , 11 July 2018
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Three biggest horse races in Australia

One can earn a lot of money by doing betting on horse racing. If you are a resident of Australia, you can win easily by following the Unibet horse racing bets. If you are new to online betting, you can bet on small amounts. But if you bet on the right jockey, you can easily win a jackpot. But one must know about the big horse racing events so that you can get prepared with the right amount and participate at the right time. Have a look at the reputed online betting websites and you will get the detail horse racing calendar of the year.

In Australia, three big horse racing events are held every year. They are as follows –

  1. S Cox Plate

In this race, the horses need to run 2040 m and entry to the competition is restricted to only 14 horses and all types of breed are expected to participate. Since the numbers of horses is limited to only 14, the best of the horses from New Zealand and Australia participate in this race. The track is located in Moonee Valley and the bends in the track are so sharp that weak horses find it difficult to run faster and they often come out of the track. This horse race is a type of testing of the skill and talent of the horse rider. This race sees the outcome of the set of best horses that will rule the horsing calendar of that particular year. The first 200 metres is very vital in this race as most jockeys lose their balance in first 200 metres only. The older horses become fatigued after carrying 60-70 kilos on their back.

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  1. Melbourne Cup

This is a prestigious cup held in Melbourne City and locals wait for this event around the year. With a huge reward prize of $6.2 million, many international celebrities throng the place to witness the event. Lots of jockeys and betting sportspersons participate in large numbers with the aim of winning millions. A unique feature of this race is that it is only for the handicapped horses. Best of the handicapped horses come to this race and the event is witnessed by millions of viewers across Australia. This race is considered as the most prosperous of the horse races in Australia with a stretch of more than 2 KM.

  1. Caulfield Guineas

This race is held in Caulfield and the running track is around 1600 m. This race is mostly of horses which are around 3 years old. The stallions are made to run and this race is more of honor and the future of the stallion in the racing world, rather than the prize money. The winners of this race are expected to have a bright future in the Australian racing world.


So we can see that these horse racing events give a chance to all types of horses – matured, handicapped and young stallions. The bookies, jockeys all have a nice time to celebrate.