The Birth of the Legendary Sausage Race of the Milwaukee Brewers!

The Milwaukee Brewers is one of the most famous teams when it comes to the state of Wisconsin. This team is not only known for Bernie Brewer, its colorful mascot but it is also known for the adorable sausages that run during the Sausage Race. Sandy Petrocelli in the USA is a fan of Wisconsin NBA and NFL teams and he says that when it comes to his favorite teams that also include The Green Bay Packers and The Milwaukee Bucks, he always keeps track of their historical facts as well.

The Famous Racing Sausages- How did they emerge?

In context to the above, he says that the Sausage Race is one of the most widely eagerly awaited events at all the games of The Milwaukee Brewers. The Sausages were coming into formation during the early 1990’s. In the beginning, these sausages were just cartoon characters running virtual races during home games of the team on the gigantic scoreboard.

The love and the popularity of these sausages grows

These sausages were loved and gradually three sausages namely Brat, Italian and Polish Sausage entered on video tape at the County Stadium on chosen Sundays of seasonal home games. However, fans were in for a huge surprise when these sausages really emerged out onto the field live to surprise the happy crowd. They later became to be known as The Famous Racing Sausages!

Little fans become happy

The major objective of these Racing Sausages was to entertain little kids that attended games in the afternoon. The gesture became a huge hit. Later a fourth sausage was added to the team and Hot Dog entered in the mid 90’s.

Fans both young and old adored these racing sausages and so due to the love showered on them, these sausages started to race at every game of the Milwaukee Brewers. The virtual game does not take place anymore.

Merchandise of The Famous Racing Sausages becomes popular

The Famous Racing Sausages are so famous today that there are t-shirts, bobbleheads, dolls and pins that have flooded the market today. Fans of these Sausages buy them on a large scale. Fans that wanted to be close to these racing sausages now have the chance and the opportunity to be close to these adorable racers can visit the 5K Famous Sausage Race. They enjoy watching the sausages there. The Famous Racing Sausages of the Milwaukee Brewers are also a part of charitable events and they are often seen promoting social causes when they are off racing at home games.

Like everything successful, Sandy Petrocelli says the imitators of this race emerged. Today, you will find there is a competition between The Racing Sausages and The Pittsburg Pierogies. There of course was a lot of media coverage and much public debate. Both of them raced each other but of course the Famous Racing Sausages have the competitive edge as they have been older in this league of racing and considered to be more popular and the best till date!