The Benefits of Getting Your Child Playing Soccer

Most children love playing at least one form of sport. The choice for many is of course soccer which enjoys popularity across the globe. Rather than just something to do when bored, playing soccer also has many other benefits that you may not be aware of.

If your child is looking to take up a sport, keep reading and we’ll tell you why that soccer might be one of the best choices.

Help Kids Get and Stay Fit and Healthy

Exercise is very important during a child’s formative years. Children grow rapidly at a young age and to assist this process, the right amount of exercise per week is very important.

It would be difficult to suggest to a child that they should go for a run, but disguising exercise within an enjoyable sport is much simpler. An hour long kick about at least three times a week should be plenty.

It Improves Teamwork

Working well with others is a key part of getting on in life. The earlier that children learn this the better as it will quickly become important in their school lives. Soccer is of course a team sport and relies on children working together to achieve a common goal.

It Will Improve Your Childs Confidence

Not all children are as confident as each other, so if you find that your child is a little reserved or lacking in self-confidence, playing soccer can be a great way to assist in their development.

Once your child becomes better and their efforts begin to get recognised, you will notice a profound change in your child’s growth as a person and their ability to cope with everyday situations.

It Will Assist Your Child in the Classroom

Playing soccer or just about any sport requires you to use your brain to quickly problem solve on the fly. The increase in a child’s ability to concentrate and focus when playing soccer should make it much easier for them to concentrate and succeed in the classroom and should work wonders for their cognitive development.

It Will Improve Your Child’s Ability to Communicate

The ability to effectively communicate what you’re doing and what you need from your fellow team members when playing soccer is crucial. This will often consist of both verbal and non verbal communication, both vital aspects of positive social interactions, on and off the pitch.

The better your child can communicate, the easier time they will have expressing their emotions which also usually translates to better school performance and a much easier time later in life.

It’s Fun

And of course, it’s fun. Your child won’t likely be aware of any of the benefits they’re receiving whenever they play football which is great because it leaves it solely as a recreational activity in their minds instead of a chore.

Find a Soccer Academy

Your child will likely play one of several sports as part of the school curriculum. One way you could assist in their development and improve their soccer skills is by enrolling them into a soccer academy. Soccer training in Melbourne is available through several of these academies who often specialise in children of all age groups. We would suggest getting in touch with a few to see what they can offer your child.

A low pressure and fun recreational sport can do much to assist in your child’s overall development so consider getting them involved as much as possible.