Purify the air in your house for a healthy living

Air pollution is one of the major environmental concerns in the present time. Release of smoke from the factories, vehicles, harmful gases from industries and burning of fossil fuels contributes to increase the atmospheric pollution. Breathing in the air contaminated with pollutants causes a lot of respiratory diseases and illnesses. There are many people who think that they are safe at home because the air in the house is clean. But in real, air in the house is equally polluted as the outside air. Since, you spend most of the time at your home so there is a need to install Air purifiers at your home. It is a smart electronic device which is capable of purifying the air in your house.

Install advanced air purifiers

All the types of air purifiers work to give clean and pure air so that you can breathe in fresh and clean air. They are helpful in killing the disease causing microorganisms and bacteria in the air so that you can get clean air. Installation of air purifier becomes important if you have someone in your family who is suffering from respiratory illnesses like allergy or asthma. Air purifiers create a clean environment for healthy living.

Latest high efficiency air purifier

HEPA air purifiers are the most advanced type of air purifiers which are being preferred by the customers. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and this technology is used in air filters to purify the air. In this type of air purifiers, the HEPA filters are installed. These filters are basically the mats that have randomly arranged fibers. When the air is passed through these filters, the particulate materials present in the air get trapped in the filters and the fresh air comes from the front end of the air purifiers. Hence, in this way air can be purified easily. New designs of HEPA air purifiers are really attractive and add an aesthetic appeal to your property.

Air purifier with UV technology

UV air purifiers are another advanced air purifiers. This type of purifier uses ultra violet radiations to kill the air borne bacteria and pathogens in air. UV air purifiers are also useful in treating your house from moulds, yeast and viruses. Generally, in this type of air purifiers, UV lamps are installed so when the air passes through it, all the microorganisms in the air are killed at that instant. Wattage of the UV lamps and its exposure time are responsible for determining the efficiency of this type of air purifier.

Ozone air purifiers

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen and it is highly efficient in killing the microorganisms present in the air. This is the reason why ozone technology is used in ozone air purifier. It pumps ozone into the air and oxidizes everything that comes into its way. In this way, molds, mildew and many types of pathogens and bacteria are killed. It is needed that ozone should be generated in a limited amount because its high content in the air can cause potential risk to small animals in your house. Its high content can also cause skin troubles in humans. Advanced ozone air purifiers are hence equipped with control panel for controlling the intensity of ozone generator. Ozone air purifiers are generally installed at the commercial spaces that are larger in size.

Carbon filter air purifier

This type of air purifier has the attached activated carbon filter. So when the air passes through this filter, dust and dirt particles, minute particulate matter in the air get attracted towards the carbon filter and hence clean air is released. Carbon filter sticks the dust particles.