PlayMoreGolfGolf Membership Guide

PlayMoreGolf is a golf membership scheme available at select golf clubs throughout the UK. The aim of the scheme is to provide flexible golf memberships with traditional membership benefits while also offering a host of new, innovative rewards for every participant.

This results in a wide range of exciting new golfing opportunities that aren’t typically available with a traditional membership at a golf club – although you still get all the perks a standard member would.

It’s great for many golfers looking for an alternate type of membership. The flexible membership means you are only really pay when you play, with points charged on a game-by-game basis rather than a flat monthly fee.

After paying for your membership, your points can be used when and where you like!

How it Works

When you join PlayMoreGolf, you are provided with 100 points to spend. These points grant you access to both your own club and others, so you can pick and choose where and when you spend these points, allowing the chance to play at a variety of gold courses in the UK.

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Better still, the points can be spent inviting guests to a course! That means non-members can easily play alongside you for a game of golf at affordable rates. Remember, you can always purchase more points throughout the year if need be!

So, for a modest annual fee of £325, you get access to standard perks of a golf club membership.

For example, you will have up to 50 rounds of golf at your local club (providing they participate in the PlayMoreGolf scheme), daily access to the golf course, preferential booking windows, hold a handicap, and playing in competitions – plus much more.

How to Join

Joining PlayMoreGolf couldn’t be easier. Simply begin by singing up for a membership online –  you choose a preferred golf club from the available selection at this point. Once paid for, you are granted your 100 points which can be spent as and when you like.

80 points are available for your preferred home club, where you also have all the perks of their genuine membership, while 20 more points are available to spent at away clubs, giving you access to different courses that part of the PlayMoreGolf scheme.

All of your membership details can be managed online through your personal account. Here, you can gain buy more points if you find yourself playing more golf than anticipated, and invite friends to join for some added bonuses.  

Your account also lets you book your next round, whether it’s at a home or away course, all you need to do is select the time and date and you will be ready to go!

As you can see, joining PlayMoreGolf doesn’t just offer exceptional value for money, it is also incredible simple to do and grants you instant access to some of the most reputable golf clubs throughout the UK!