Wednesday , 11 July 2018
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Indian Hockey – Olympic History

As soon as the Indian men’s field hockey team joined the Olympic games around 1928 at Amsterdam, a legend within the good reputation for hockey is at the making. Not just did the hockey group of India triumph in the 1928 Olympic games, however they continued to win 6 consecutive Olympic Golds! Quite the task, is not it? Actually, this is an Olympic record unbroken up to now.

And therefore the Indian hockey team ruled because the Best Hockey Team on the planet. Because the titans of field hockey, the Indian team dominated the Olympic games having a gusto never witnessed before. India’s triumphant run in the Olympics is exactly what brought to hockey becoming India’s nation sport.

Although the sport of hockey has dwindled since, in India, the golden era from the hockey group of India was something that’ll be etched into history for evermore. So, let us go for a walk lower memory lane, and have a look in the Indian hockey team’s Olympic victories.

1.Amsterdam Olympic games, 1928

Indian hockey legend Dhyan Chand brought the Indian hockey team to some cruising victory in their debut Olympic games at Amsterdam. Unpredicted underdogs, India simple vanquished every team that came their way, winning the Gold apparently effortlessly! The Wizard of hockey, Dhyan Chand, left the planet and the opponents mere spectators because he labored his magic in the game, departing no for competition.

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2.La Olympic games, 1932

Within the 1932 Olympic games, the Indian hockey team dazzled the planet and guaranteed an archive yet unbroken (which will possibly remain so, because of its sheer magnificence)… They won 24-1 from the USA. As though that were not enough, they continued to winning their second consecutive Olympic gold.

3.Berlin Olympic games, 1936

Such was the stellar dispay of skill, technique, not to mention -that dash of magic by Dhyan Chand- that Adolf Hitler am disgusted by Germany’s performance against India in the finals, he left halfway! Vanquishing Germany, the Indian hockey team guaranteed another Olympic Gold underneath the captainship of legendary Dhyan Chand.

4.London Olympic games, 1948

Getting acquired her independence between your previous Games and also the 1948 London Olympic games, the Indian hockey team defeated host nation The Uk having a sweeping 8-1 scorecard. The very first Gold like a free nation, the London Olympic games was witness to India’s 4th Gold medal.

  1. Helsinki Olympic games, 1952

Vanquishing Austria and The Uk in order to another Olympic finals, India beat Holland 6-1, to consider home their fifth consecutive Olympic Gold!

6.Melbourne Olympic games, 1955

Cruising although the group stages without conceding just one goal, India went to the finals to manage Pakistan -simply to beat then and win the sixth Gold medal!

The legendary golden era of Indian hockey had made India a pressure to reckon with -the very best Hockey Team on the planet.