Heavy grade netting system for pickleball

Pickleball is played in the similar way as that of the tennis. There is a paddle like the tennis racquet, a ball and the net. However, there are very few differences which make these two games different from each other. In terms of the net, the pickleball net are unique. The net’s mesh size should be small to prevent the pickleball from passing onto the other side through it. The net is needed to be installed through the center of pickleball court so that the court gets divided into two halves. Its height should be exactly 36 inches from the sidelines and 34 inches at the center of the pickleball court. Net for this game are about 22 feet long with small center base.

Durable net for pickleball

Pickleball netting system is designed keeping in mind the maintenance of durability of the nets. The side of the net is attached to the pole through reinforcing, hemming and triple stitching. There is a headband which makes it stronger and prevents it from breaking. You can have two types of net for playing pickleball. One is the portable net and the other is for installation on the pole.

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Portable net for playing pickleball

This type of net is ideal for the play area where there are no poles for installing the net. The portable net also gives you the great flexibility to move to any place so that you can play your game.  In this way, any place can be converted into the pickleball court. You can play your game indoors or outdoors with the right setup. There are various types of pickleball netting system which can be used for the wonderful play. This type of net has 1 inch wide square hole to allow the players to see their opponents while playing. There are also vinyl net bindings at the edges which bring more stability to this type of net.