Wednesday , 11 July 2018
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Get more Golf with Golf Membership Offers

Golf membership offersin the UK come in different forms, but there is hardly anyoffer that can beat the one provided by Play More Golf. With dedication to connecting several golf clubs under one membership, Play More Golf provides unequalled, world-class membership deals of various kinds to golf lovers all around the UK. These memberships will make sure that members can play several rounds of golf in different locations without having to sign upmore than once.

Play More Golf brings different golf clubs together and offers golfers the opportunity to choose a home club while still enjoying access to other golf clubs. Through the unparalleled golf membership offers from Play More Golf, members get more choices to make when deciding where to play golf, get more value for every penny spent, enjoy improved flexibility and experience more comfort. This sort of golf membership offers has never been provided by anybody before in the UK; hence, it is undoubtedly innovative.

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After Play More Golf launched these golf membership offers for both individuals and corporate bodies in February 2016, it has received great acceptance from various golf clubs which are now partners. Few of the golf clubs that are now partners with Play More Golf are Houghwood Golf Club in Merseyside, De Vere Staverton Estate in Northamptonshire, MacDonald Spey Valley Golf & Country Club in Inverness-shire, Ramsdale Park Golf Centre in Nottingham, De Vere Wokefield Estate in Berkshire and Carden Park Hotel in Nicklaus Course.As at December 2016, the Play More Golf membership deal has garnered more than 1000 members who want to enjoy the flexibility it offers, and more members are still bound to join the network as its benefits become more obvious.

Play More Golf has two golf membership offers – personal membership and corporate membership. Personal membership is for individuals who want to play the game whenever they deem fit in different locations in the UK. Members only have to pay £325 to get 100 points which will be spent as they play each round of golf. 80 points are allocated for usage at the home golf club, which would have been selected when signing up, with the remaining 20 points to be used at other golf clubs that are also partners with Play More Golf.

In the case of the entry level of corporate membership, £1,355+VAT is paid by each organization to play golf. Corporate organizations also select preferred home golf club and can play on other golf clubs. Using the golf members offers from Play More Golf, corporate bodies are allocated 500 points which can be used throughout a whole year for as much as 250 rounds of golf. This corporate membership covers staff, partners and clients of the organization that owns the account. It should be noted that individuals and corporate bodies can purchase more points anytime they want.

To sign up for any of these gold membership offers,simply visit thewebsite of Play More Golfand register. As a member, youare to subscribe to an annual membership, choose your preferred home club and choose date and time you would like to play the game.