Buying your first 29er Mountain bike

If you have decided to buy your first 29er mountain cycle, we congratulate you for your wonderful decision. Having a 29er Mountain cycle is the dream of many cyclists and you are few of them who are going to make it happen. When you go to buy a cycle, you have to keep many things in your minds like going for a branded cycle, checking the weight of the cycle, see if its body frame is strong and many other things. But when you are buying your first 29er, you have to remember some extra things. We will help you to buy your first 29er with right decisions.

Tips for buying a 29er

Go for brands: It is best to stick with brands. The non-brands 29er may offer you many facilities at a cheaper price, but a branded 29er has its own value. They can give you way more comfort with their little offers than the nameless 29ers mountain bikes in the market. Buy a branded 29er mountain bike. However, if you buy the city cruiser bikes then you can also ride the log roads with a great level of comfort. But make sure that you adjust the ride height of bike in order to experience the better riding.Image result for Buying your first 29er Mountain bike

Compare with other 29ers: Do not think all the 29er mountain bikes are equal like other mountain bikes. Every 29er mountain bike has something special than the other bikes. Look for them. Some of the 29er are designed for professional riders like for sports or racing. They are lighter, faster than the other 29ers. Some 29ers are simple. They have a heavy frame and have a big wheel size. Your 29er should be lighter and faster than the other 29er mountain bikes.But if you are confused then you can go for the city cruiser bikes which is one of the highest performances gorgeous looking bikes in the market.

Don’t buy a 29er for upgrading: If you have owned a mountain bike with a 26-inch wheel, this wheel is not going to fit in your 29er mountain bike. The wheels of 29ers are not interchangeable like other mountain bikes. The frame, the suspension, all is differently designed for this cycle.

Buying the first bike in the market is always very challenging since there are numbers of things that you need to take care. Nowadays many professional are choosing the city cruiser bikes since they are extremely well balanced and their look is also very gorgeous. When you buy your first bike in the market make sure that you take an expert with you since they will help you a great deal in your first bike selection. But when you ride your first bike on the road make sure that you know all the basic control of the cycles. And try to clean your bike once in a week for a long lasting performance.