Best Off-Roading Sedans of 2017

Although sedans aren’t usually built for exclusive off-road use of rough conditions, the right sedans can be useful in these types of weather situations as well. Luxury or sport sedans won’t give you the best value for your money, but a good, reliable sedan can be with you through all sorts of weather without giving up!

What Makes a Good Off-Road Sedan?

Some things can be added or changed to make sedans better at rough conditions, such as snow tires, but some of the most important things are engineered into the car:

  • High Clearance

Low ground clearance won’t allow for much space to maneuver if the ground gets too rough or bumpy. You’ll want nice, high ground clearance from a sedan to get a good chance of getting around off the roads or in extreme conditions.

  • AWD or 4WD

4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are essentially the same thing in sedans, but the important thing is that the sedan has one of these. Any version of 2-wheel drive will not be effective.

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  • Good Suspension

Hard suspension isn’t going to help if you’re driving around on uneven terrain. A softer, more malleable suspension will serve you better in rougher conditions.

Top Sedans

So, what are some of the best sedans for driving off-road? Here’s a short list of our top 3:

  1. 2017 Honda Accord

This is a solid sedan all-around. The 2017 Honda Accord and previous year models have earned numerous awards for being the best sedan of the year. It’s reliable, well designed, and sturdy. It also has enough power to get around where it needs to when conditions aren’t ideal.

  1. Mazda 6

Made with style and reliability, the 2017 Mazda 6 is an attractive sedan that can get you around all over the world. It’s good in snow and sunshine, with great gas mileage to top it off. The standard Sporting version doesn’t have all the same features as more advanced models, but it’s still a great choice. It’s biggest downfall is being a front-wheel drive with no option for AWD.

  1. Subaru Outback

Not everyone would consider the Subaru Outback as a sedan, because it fits more comfortably into the category of crossovers. It’s a mix of a sedan and an SUV, but it makes a great off-road vehicle nonetheless.