Benefits of Wearing a Cycling Jersey

Cycling is one of the healthiest hobbies that a person can adopt. The bicycle is one of the oldest means of transport, and has become tremendously popular over the years. Despite other, more advanced means of travel that have been introduced, such as motorbikes and cars, the bicycle is still the preferred choice for those who value their health above everything else. Rather than requiring fuel, it expends human energy to move around, however, most people use the cycle for travelling over shorter distances.

If you really want to get the best of out of your cycling experience and maximise your performance, you need to suit yourself up in the right manner. You should seriously consider purchasing cycling jerseys for the next time that you go on a cycle. Putting on a cycling jersey might seem like a needless hassle at first, but it certainly has its advantages.

Wearing ordinary clothes is fine if you are going on a short ride. However, if you want to take this up as a serious sport such as riding in a tour, going for some major exercise on your bike, or just travelling over long distances, then putting on a cycling jersey is a must. Here are some of the biggest benefits that the cycling jersey provides.

Reduced Wind Resistance

One of the biggest benefits that you get for wearing a cycling jersey is that it reduces wind resistance. Ordinary clothing fits loosely on your body, and as a result, it’s going to flap quite a lot, thus increasing wind resistance. This basically means that you will have to apply more effort in order to ride, which ultimately results in you tiring out much quicker, however, the jersey is designed to fit your body perfectly, so there’s no worry for wind resistance. It also prevents chafing of the skin because you don’t need to worry about the clothes constantly hitting your skin.

Moisture Wicking

The ordinary clothes that you wear are capable of retaining moisture. If you are riding your bike during the hot weather, ordinary clothes will make you all sweaty and clammy, and riding the bike will soon become quite uncomfortable for you. On the other hand, riding in the cold weather while wearing ordinary clothes can cause serious problems like hypothermia. However, these jerseys have moisture wicking properties that can remove the dampness on the skin and exposes it to the outer air for easy evaporation.

This means that your skin will remain dry whether you are riding in hot or cold weather. When you are riding on the road, it’s going to be a bit of problem for you to keep yourself visible to other motorists. However, jerseys that are made specifically for cycling have reflective regions around the sides so that other people can easily see you when you are riding. This can prevent you from serious accidents, especially when you are riding your bicycle in the night without any lighting on the frame.