A Wonderful Tribute To The Phoenix Suns By Gilda Garza


When it comes to basketball, you can’t help but give in to the thrill and excitement of watching spirited young players, running around the whole basketball court with just one goal in mind, to score a point. A game such as Basketball is equally thrilling to watch as it is to play. And we can’t help but admit how crazy the fans of basketball can be. But what if we tell you that this is just a small part?

The Sole Of The Phoenix By Gilda Garza

The latest rendition by the very famous Mexican painter has certainly put her on the map as one of the finest artists in all times. And what exactly is the masterpiece that has made all of this possible?

It is the latest rendition of the painter, made as a tribute to the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association. Unveiled and the NBA’s 50th Anniversary Slam Dunk which happened on the 22nd of September, this amazing masterpiece proved to be a wonderful sight for the thousands of guests that were present in the event.

The shoe sculpture also called ‘The Sole Of The Phoenix’ had an amazing build, with strokes of blazing gold and orange to decorate the upper part of the piece and the stripes of black to denote the outsoles and the laces of the giant shoe. And that’s not all. By the use of the well-known paint dripping technique, the painter gave a dramatic tone to the artwork.

With two cheerleaders of the Phoenix Suns painted on either side of the shoes, the whole rendition showed a sense of tribute and patriotism.

Dubbed as one of the biggest projects of the celebrated artists, this beautiful artwork certainly solidifies her hold in the art industry. What is endearing is that she dedicated all the income from this painting to an earthquake relief shelter.