A guide to Netball Leagues in London

Hands up if you thought netball was a dwindling sport, only played by reluctant teenagers in school? Would you be surprised to know that netball leagues in London are actually thriving and growing in popularity?

Well it turns out, that’s the honest truth – not only are netball leagues extremely popular in London, but there’s healthy competition and a massive appetite for individuals and teams to join up across the city.

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Where can I find netball leagues in London?

Congratulations – you’re interested and keen to join up to a social netball league in London, and you won’t regret it. Soon you’ll be having fun, getting fit and enjoying one of the best team sports around, across the capital.

Don’t worry wherever you live in London, there will be a social netball league near you. You’ll hear and read the phrase ‘social netball league’ because it promotes the social side of the game as well as the competitive, and both are as important as each other!

When you sign up for social netball leagues in London, you can be assured you’ll be playing in London’s best indoor and outdoor venues, such as :-

  • Balham
  • Brixton (EGA)
  • Brixton (Ferndale)
  • Camden
  • Clapham Junction
  • Clapham South
  • Marylebone
  • Shoreditch
  • Waterloo

How do I sign up for netball leagues in London?

Perhaps the best way to get into netball leagues in London is to sign up with someone like Netbusters, who are ‘“the most social and fun netball leagues in London”.

Perhaps the best – and easiest – way to sign up for social netball leagues in London is via the Netbusters website, as all the forms, information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available there.

Spaces are available in social netball leagues whether you’re a small group, an established team or even just an individual player.

What’s so special about Netbusters social netball leagues in London?

Whilst Netbusters are not the only netball leagues in London, there’s several reasons to sign up with them, such as :-

  • Trophies and prizes for league winners
  • London’s best outdoor and indoor venues
  • Reviewed as ‘five star’ on Trustpilot
  • All equipment is provided – including bibs and match quality balls
  • London’s number one social netball leagues
  • Two qualified (and friendly) umpires provided

If I’ve never played netball, will I not be allowed to play?

Don’t worry if you’ve never played netball before – or haven’t since those long-gone days of school – as Netbusters run regular ‘Back to Netball’ sessions to ease you back into the game and allow you to practice without competing.

However, all levels are catered for with Netbusters, from Social to Intermediate, so there’s no need to worry at all, just have fun!

Social level

The vast majority of games and leagues are at Social level, which means they are open to all levels of players. They are also ideal for those who have played before, but perhaps not for a long time, or beginners.

Intermediate level

Aimed at reasonable standard of netball players that have played before, are aware of the rules and seek a more competitive and fast-paced game of netball.