A Guide to Best Options for Golf Membership

I only intend playing my home course

Should you be a diehard stay at home one course golfer, then traditional golf club membership will probably be your best option.

You’ll pay one annual membership fee and be able to all enjoy club benefits; such as priority bookings for rounds of golf and club competition booking. Other priority privileges may apply, including, perhaps, club shop discounts and concessionary restaurant rates or table bookings.

To get the most from your annual fee you’ll need to play reasonably often; once or twice a year makes for very expensive golf!Related image

I love playing a variety of courses!

Most of us do; but the costs involved can soon spiral over the year. You’ll have your home club fees to pay as well as away club green fees. The truth is, that, for most of us mere mortals, regular away golf trips just aren’t sustainable, in fact a virtual pipedream.

  • However, sometimes dreams can come true! Golfers now have their very own fairy godmother … more commonly known as PlayMoreGolf.

PlayMoreGolf has an innovative solution for the nomadic golfer; this online business offers Flexible Golf Membership.

What is flexible golf membership?

Flexible golf membership will allow you to play rounds of golf at a number of ‘away’ club venues scattered throughout the United Kingdom. This the most golfer-friendly membership ever.

Flexible golf members, pay a fee that allows them to play, with all the traditional benefits, at their chosen home club. So nothing new there then.

However, as previously stated, flexible members can also enjoy outings to other clubs as part of their membership agreement; what’s more … THERE’S NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Imagine that, one fee giving you, virtually unlimited, access to your own club and access to the courses and facilities of designated away venues!

How much will it cost?

Membership via PlayMoreGolf can start as low as £350 (may be subject to change), this allows full home club membership and a stipulated number of FREE visits to other clubs.

What makes this ingenious system so flexible is the fact that it’s based upon a points system. Your initial package agreement can be extended to take in more rounds at the various courses; you just simply top up your points. Furthermore points can be added as an incentive for you to introduce new members.

It really is such a great idea!

Which venues are available?

There are far too many to mention in this article; just take a peek at the wonderful venues on offer through PlayMoreGolf, click here and be prepared to be amazed!

Benefits of flexible golf membership

The benefits of becoming a flexible golf member make the scheme virtually irresistible to the average insatiable golfer.

Corporate membership

PlayMoreGolf also operate a corporate members’ scheme; so, if your company is interested in rewarding loyal staff of encouraging potential clients, then look no further than the PlayMoreGolf … for corporate link click here.

How do I sign up?

Very simple just follow this link to PlayMoreGolf, here you will find an easy to navigate, informative site monitored by helpful staff. Should you have any queries, then email or give them a ring.